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Re: Who needs a field current!?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mr. Daniel P. Grady say:

> Problem: 87 5Kq had low electrical power until the engine  rpm reached 2000
> for the first time each morning. All the lights would stay nice and bright
> once this speed was hit once and no idiot lights ever told me what was
> wrong.
> Solution: I was ready to remove the air-duct/ cover thingy on the back of
> the alternator in order to replace the VR+brush set when my hand brushed the
> little wire coming from the back of the alternator. The wire came out of the
> cover with no terminal on the end, there wasn't even any metal showing on
> the end of it! Added new terminal to it and hooked it up and now everything
> is peachy.

EXACTLY the same thing happened to my '89 100Q this spring.
I had the new brush/VR set in hand, and when I popped the cover
to install it, the field wire dropped onto my nose.

30 seconds later, I drove back to return the brushes....


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