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Re: HELP! Audi 100/5000 Euro light wiring questions!

David Marshall <david@volkswagen.org> wrote:

>I just got my set of Bosch H4 lights for my 1987 Audi 5000S.  These lights
>have the H4 bulb, the park lamp below the H4 bulb and the orange signal
>markers on the outside corner.

>It it my experience with VW Rabbits is that the lights in the front bumper
>are signal lights only.  The small 5W bulb below the H4 is for park lights
>(aka city lights) and of course the H4 give the high and low beams.


>Are the orange lights next to the head lamp signal lights or park lights?


>My guess is that they are signal lights, but I want to do this "right".
>Are the lights in the bumper used for something other than signal lights?

Euro 100s have no lights in the bumper other than foglights.



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