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Re: Amsoil or Mobile 1 ??

Just a personal experience:
Purchased new, 1984 VW Vanagon with the then new 1.9 ltr water cooled
(Wasserboxer) engine.  Ran Castrol 20w-50 the first 30k and in 1988
switched to Mobil 1 15w-50.  At 110k the engine developed a coolant leak
(very common problem) that required a complete tear down to repair.
With the engine on the bench I had the opportunity to inspect it.
Main bearings-lightly polished, pistons-no scoring, light polish,
cylinder barrels-very smooth, no ridge, cross hatch marks clearly
No "gunk" of any kind in engine, very clean!
Replaced lifters, exhaust valves & water pump.  Today at 175k the engine
is tight, does not burn oil and gets the same mileage it got when new.
Just a note:  This engine really works hard to get the job done.  Full
throttle is required to keep up with traffic & 75 mph is 4000 RPM, a
it will do all day.
Needless to say I run the stuff in all my vehicles and at $3.29 a quart
Wal-Mart the cost is reasonable.


1986 4000kcsq      144k
1984 Vanagon       175k
1984 Jetta GLI     150k+ (odometer broken)
1982 Rabbit diesel 146k
1991 Ford Explorer 135k