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Converted Camaro owner

One freebie for me from the Audi Gods!  I am about 95% sure that my
friend, a soon-to-be ex-Chebby Camaro owner, is going to be purchasing a
new A4 1.8Tq come September.

What sold him?  quattro, the looks, and the amount of aftermarket mods for
it.  He told me ... "I was trying to find a comparable car .. there isn't
one" (paraphrasing)...

Now, the only questions that remain are:
1) Who sells A!Avantgarde stuff (CECWheels?).. he wants a nice body kit ..
stealthy one like on the cover of EC last month.

Now here's the big one:
2) Will anyone be willing to let us ride in their chipped A4 1.8tq?

We are in the North Chicago Suburb area (Evanston, IL)... he is
*seriously* considering a chip (especially after I handed him last month's
EC), and I told him I'd ask the list...

Of course, beer and food will be included with the test-ride/drive!  :)

Anyways, TIA!

87 4kcsq

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu