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Re: 87 octane in a 4kq? (was: Techron, CIS ill on '87

"Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@NWOhio.com> wrote:
> Been running 87 octane in my 86 4kcsq for 100,000 miles with no complaints.

Doyt's and many other's responses that it's OK to run 87 octane in my car 
have prompted me to give it a try.

This is great!  I've been spending lots O' money on gas, with Chevron 
Supreme every single fill up.

I guess since it's definitely not high compression, the need for 
high octane isn't as great.

What about the much-advanced-ignition-timing-for-performance issue?  Is 
that affected by octane rating?


Ken (still running Mobil 1 at every 3k tho')
(Hafta' try some of that Amsoil.  There was a guy in my Intro to Biz 
class that used to tout that stuff like it was the greatest.  He also 
didn't like Adnoh's.)