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Help identifying UFO replacement brakes

From: Bryan Kamerer <kamerer@concentric.net>

>        I am looking at a used Audi that has had the UFOs replaced.  I am
>trying to identify whether they used the Audi supplied kit, or S4 brakes, 
>or what.  Service records for the swap/change aren't avaliable.

the "retro" fit to the older style brakes, if done at the dealer under
warranty was actually an "after" fit, using the front struts & brakes also
installed on the '92 S4.

>        From what I can see the disc looks none too big, solid not vented
>(can't get at it to measure without taking off the wheel).  There is no
>piston visible from the outboard side, and the inboard side is hidden by 
>the backing shield.  Does this sound like the kit/5000 brakes?

brake discs should be 276mm x 25mm ventilated (441-615-301A)
caliper is a Girling G60 2-piston floating (no pistons on outboard side)
(l) 447-615-123  (r) 447-615-124  (btw, for those into specs, the two
pistons measure 40 and 45 mm)

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