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What to look out for? Buying used S4

We're looking at a used '93 S4 with 82K miles.  It was dealer serviced by
the 1st owner to 30K.  The remainder is a mystery.  It has a bullet hole
in one of the headlamps (Lense replaceable, if so, how much?).  We're
getting a buyer's inspection done.  I have converted my friend into a
quattro lover.  He currently drives an '86 Toyota Celica.  He was thinking
of buying a new A4 1.8T.  He drove it and loved it, until I got him to
test drive an S4.  There is also a crack in the windshield (price?).  What
is the market value on this thing?

'88 90Q
Nathan Belo

"To see a thing uncolored by one's own personal preferences and desires is
to see it in its own pristine simplicity."  Bruce Lee--Tao of Jeet Kune Do