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S6's FS & fast Volvo ride!

Was going through Greenwich CT earlier today and decided to stop at Miller
Motorcars to check on an F355  with the F1 transmission option for a friend
who can afford it.  Thee Aston dealership has two S6's for sale.  Both are
late model year with the Avus wheels.  The sedan is Black/Black and the the
wagon is a rare combination of Red/Ecru.  I think that's the first Red I
have seen with something other than the gray or black interior.    Both
cars have about 41K on them and they are asking about $40K for each!

I also drove a very unusual Volvo for about 30 minutes.  It's a Blue/Cream
1995 960 wagon with a full package Converse Engineering conversion.  That's
a 5 speed conversion(Mustang box) from the existing auto-looked OE, Brembo
rotors, Eibach suspension w/custom shocks, braces, etc, 225/50  Pirelli
P7000's on 16" Borbets.  The kicker-stock engine is replaced with a Mustang
5.0, some head work and a Kenne Bell blower.  It's putting out 385 HP
though a Mustang exhaust!  This was a sleeper!  It's got under 12K on it
and they want $32,500 for it.  It had had two owners-a weathly Asian
business owner for the first 3K and Lou Nonno for the next 9K.  Lou is the
president of Mobil Oil and a partner in Miller.  The car has Ford and Mobil
Oil stickers in the passenger rear window.

This car is a duplicate of the cars owned by David Letterman and Paul
Newman.  Nice toy, very touchy rear end, wicked fast!  I would not want to
drive it on even a humid day although I am going to look under the couch
for change.

Eric Friedman
93 V8 4.2(it's for sale ya' know)
95.5 S6 wagon