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ABS and wrong jump start don't mix

When I was trying to revive my dead AUDI 80-92, I connected the
jump-start cables with the wrong polarity,
(yea yea -how could I? ) After probably 30 secs, testing this wiring
innovation, I noticed that the jumper cable was frying.  In an isolated
display of intelligence, I disconnected the ill circuit and saw the
phantom of a big repair bill.  Then, I tried again.  This time, I put a
lot more emphasis in what I learned in Sesame Street:  Red with Red and
Black with Black.  After a few minutes charging, I tried to start the
injured A80, and to my surprise it did!.  Frantically, I started looking
for signs of damage, but everything was just fine... except the ABS-OFF
light that stayed always on, regardless of the switch's position. In
fact, I tested the braking in the rain, and I am no longer the
beneficiary of ABS blessings.
I have three questions:
1) What did I fried ?
2) How much does it cost ?, and
3) Can I sue the jumper cable manufactures for not having a label
saying: "Not a jumper cable for dummies" ?