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Re: WTB '82 Coupe caliper(s), upgrade?.

My search for brake calipers for my '82 Coupe goes on.  New ones
seem to be around $100+, used ones are going for $40-$50.

Michael Sheridan Williams proposed that I use caliper's from the
'85 Coupe to upgrade my brakes.  I would do this if I can get the
correct size rotors that have the 4 X 100 bolt hole configuration
('85 Coupes have 4 X 108).  Otherwise I have to change the whole
shooting match (hubs, drums, wheels, etc.).  What size are the '85
Coupe rotors?  Any BTDTs, part numbers, etc.?

Many thanks.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA