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Re: US/Sweden

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From: Christer Sjodin <christer.sjodin@mail.bip.net>

>I want to move to USA I think !
>1. How can Audiīs be so cheap "over there" ?
>I bought my european Audi 100cc -85 (2,2 liter without cat. 137hk, 135hp,
>5-speed) about a year ago in Sweden for $3845.
>Thatīs a normal price for such a car here. On the list Iīve seen same cars
>much much cheaper for sale.
>2. Gasoline ! In Sweden 1 liter costs a bit over $1.
>3. Ordinary parts like K&N airfilter ($128) costs toooo much!!
>How can this come??

There was a program on British tv last night that highlighted some of the
price  differences between the UK and the USA. British family shopping in
New York and an American family buying identical items in York. All the
items bought in York cost more than those bought in New York, at least one
by as much as 100%.
As I remember things, prices are even higher in Sweden but I cant believe a
K&N filter at $128, the most expensive that I've ever seen was $75.

Jim Haseltine.