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Dyno test inspection

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> A few months ago an Area C1 member of UKQOC was asked by a mechanic where he
> had the bodywork done on his car. He replied that he had never had any work
> done on it. To this the mechanic said that someone had fitted the wide
> arches and it looked like a good job.....

I drove Roger Galvin to Thiefrow yesterday evening.  On the M25, in the
pouring rain and gathering gloom, Roger suddenly said "Quattro!"

We pulled up alongside.  Apart from the thin tyres and the straight
Coupe GT right side, it looked just like an ur-quattro from behind.

I 'circled' it, pulling around in front (ur-quattro, again) and looking
down the left side.  The left was pure ur-quattro.  So I pulled round
to the right again (the guy seemed to be getting quite embarrassed) and
looked at a Coupe GT with a body kit.


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