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Re: accelerator pedal breaks off on 92 100S

	I have the same problem on my 91 200Q.  The entire gas pedal and
the rod that it is attached to has to be replaced (or the paper clip
method).  I bought one for about $32 from Carlson Audi.  Haven't gotten
around to changing it yet.  Does anyone know how much of a problem that

91 200Q
86 Coupe

>Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:48:11 EDT
>From: BOEING377 <BOEING377@aol.com>
>Subject: accelerator pedal breaks off on 92 100S

>I have a 92 100S. The flexible plastic that holds the accelerator pedal
to the
>metal linkage piece broke, leaving the plastic pedal on the floor.  Car
>still drivable using the metal piece as the foot contact point, but I
>I'll have to buy a new pedal assembly to fix it to original condition. 
>other Audi Quattro list people have this problem?

>It was unintended, and involved the accelerator, but I don't think even
>most creative plaintiff's lawyers could do much with this incident :=).

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