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Re: Audi Parts.get hosed call Shokan

I will agree that Shokan does suck. From all the complaints to my
experience with them. I have not heard one person satisfied with them. The
biggest thing that I hear about them from a bunch o' different people is
that they buy drivetrain parts and they always turn out to be shot. This
is after Shokan says (I've heard this, too in my hunting for a used
tranny) that everything is tested, put on a running car, and guaranteed.
First, I get a price on a tranny that's ~$250 higher than the locals, on
top of that, it might be shot anyway, on top of that, more labor.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, DelHackl wrote:

> Yes, I needed to replace the heated outside left rear view mirror (cracked by
> an faceless drunk and his foot two weeks ago)
> Call shokan, "what do you mean you wont separate the mirror from the
> assembly?", "are you sure, b/c all I need is the mirror".  "you seriously want
> $200 for the assembly"  "Goodbye"!!!
> Second call to Autosports Unlimited in zeeland, michigan.  "You only want $10
> bucks for the mirror",  SOLD!!  Shipped in three days.
> Lesson learned, Autosports Unlimited is KING in my book.
> The number is 800.624.3876
> David 
> 93 90s
> 86 5000s