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Re: Material Sportgrill

Get the D&W catalog. Order one of the extruded aluminum mesh grills for
about US $100. It may be much easier. If you really want to build get some
matching aluminum mesh and fabricate grills that fit into the lower bumper
cover. Tough. Very RS2-ish.

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From: Christer Sjodin <christer.sjodin@mail.bip.net>
To: Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 1998 2:31 PM
Subject: Material Sportgrill

Iīm planning to build a own grill to my european Audi 100cc.

Does anyone know something about the material (plastic net) that the grill
to the S-modells consists of?

What can I use thatīs similar to this material?
Any suggestions about the project?

Thanks in advance

Christer Sjodin
Sundsvall, Sweden