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Canadian Euro prices

In message <l03020901b16c19da3cb1@[]> Tom Nas writes:
> Won't work. In the UK, they drive on the other side of the road (as you'll
> know), and their headlights also dip the opposite way. It's not just a
> simple matter of changing the lens, I've been told. Besides, you may find
> that Audi 200s are not exactly common in UK scrapyards (as on UK roads, I
> recall from the times I've been there).

There are a few around.  There's one in Cohen's Yard just up the road,
but they've been banned from selling direct to the public.

The best option is probably The Parts Department - Tim buys some of his
stuff direct from German wholesalers.  A new headlight glass just cost
me GBP37.

 Phil Payne
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