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Re: Fan fuse - Long

Just wanted to remind you folks with 4k's, Coupe GT's, 4kq's that you
are not immune to this problem since the radiator fan wiring on these
cars isn't fused either.  The fix is really simple and is documented in
the archives:


I have been running the fix for close to a year using a 30A fuse without any
problems whatsoever, but with added peace of mind ;)

-Luis Marques
 '87 4kcsq

> Cooling Fan Fuse - A Type 44 Wiring Upgrade 
> Cooling Fan Fuse Modification
> In addition to their many excellent qualities,
> the 5kt/q (type 44) cars are well known for their
> tendency to incinerate the left main engine
> compartment wiring harness when the cooling fan
> seizes. ....