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Re: UFO's on a '91 200Q?

Brooks Ellis wrote:
> There is a local Toyota dealership (of all places), that is selling a 1991
> 200Q. It's at a fair price, however, when I was looking around, I stopped
> by and inspected it, and it appeared to have the UFO brakes on the fronts.
> (!) (!!)

Hey, I got my 200 from a Toyota dealer, or was it Nissan? They all look
the same to me. :-P    The '91 200 does have UFO's. You cannot get them
changed under warrantee. You can get good aftermarket setups for $2500+.
All of this is in the archives many times. Here's the main question: Did
you drive it? If there was shimmy then you have to think about brake
repair. No shimmy, no worries.
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