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RE: Head lights for 83 ur-q

> Look here http://www.digiweb.com/~wolffb/quattro/listers.html to see 2
> red (Mars and Toronado) Ur-q's with reversed headlight setups. The '85
> toronado red one has early style dual sealed beam lamps, while the '83?
> mars red one has single piece lamps. Are those Euro's Steve?
Yes, they are the Cibie versions of the Euros ... most cars I see have the
Hellas ... with the yellow corner markers.  I really think the Cibie's look
better than the Hellas.  I was going to reply to the original post, but
since they were on the car when I bought it I really didn't have too much
information to provide about where they came from or how much they cost.
The only think I did to them was to install the "city lights" ... which took
my college roommate having to go to a parts store in Germany to get the
sockets ...

I suppose that I can look on them to see if there is any sort of part number
if anyone is interested.  The lights are for the vertical grille, which the
'83 QTC had, and AFAIK the only non-standard parts that were needed were the
plastic pieces behind the lamps on the front quatrer panels.  It looks like
the person who did the install just cut off that piece of the plastic shroud
for the US lamps.  I looked at the pictures on your site, but this detail
wasn't clear.

Great pictures Wolff ... I dont remember thanking you for putting them up
before.  It is great to be able to see your car on the web ... but then it
just makes me think more about the fact I want the euro bumpers as well.
Has anyone considered modifying a US bumper to have the light configuration
like the euros?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

You know, I think I know of someone with a 4kQ what has the similar Cibie's
... they would be for the newer, sloped grille, but I'll drop her a line to
see if she has any more info ... I don't think that bubmeister is on the
list anymore ...