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Re: UFO's on a '91 200Q?

From: Brooks Ellis <brooks@frii.com>
>There is a local Toyota dealership (of all places), that is selling a 1991
>200Q. It's at a fair price, however, when I was looking around, I stopped
>by and inspected it, and it appeared to have the UFO brakes on the 
>fronts. (!) (!!) 

nice find

>I thought only the V8's were fitted with the UFO's?

the '91 200q also came with the UFOs standard

>What would it run to get the car 'fixed' with normal brakes, if I decided
>to go that route? Does the recall/factory replacement still apply to these
>brakes? (ie. Can I get a discount, because I'm so damn good 

the factory designed refit kit used the '92 S4 front strut housing, caliper
carrier, caliper, disc & other misc parts.  several people are reported to
have used the system from an '90 or earlier 200q or '88 or earlier 5kcstq.
according to one report, to use the older car's parts, you must also carry
over the subframe, control arm and possibly the anti-roll bar, as those
parts are different from '91 on.  (anyone confirm?)  it is cheaper to go
the full old-car retro route since there's a bunch of those things in parts
yards whereas you'll likely have to buy new for the '92 on S4.  cost--can't
help you--my car was done by the dealer before i bought it.  

'91 200q IAiii
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