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Re: Wilwoods Vs G60s for 4KQ

glen wrote:

> Stock 4KQ                   pad surface area: ?
> G60                             pad surface area: ?
> Wilwood Dynalite l II    pad surface area: 6.63" sq

I can't give any data (at least, not from my desk at work) about the
surface area of the friction material, but I can give the pad dimensions
for the three pads:  (Please remember that these measurements are of the
_backing_plates_ at their longest and tallest points)

4KQ:	4.69"L x 2.73"H	-- (Hawk #HB190)
G60:	6.15"L x 2.50"H	-- (Hawk #HB135)
Wilwood:3.96"L x 2.58"H	-- (Hawk #HB100)

I've included the Hawk reference numbers and web addresses so that
anyone's who's interested can look at the pad design and where I pulled
those measurements from.


P.S.  For relative comparison purposes, Hawk has online pricing for
their pads at <http://www.hawkbrake.com/pricing.htm>, so you can see the
difference in pad pricing for the different calipers.