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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2147

I have 3 Audis and all run the fan after the motor is shut off.  Hoever, none
of them are your car.


1991 V8 5 Speed Quattro
1991 Turbo 200 5 Speed Quattro
1992 S4 5 Speed Quattro

SCN User wrote:

> >------------------------------
> >You wrote:
> >>Just wanted to remind you folks with 4k's, Coupe GT's, 4kq's that you
> >>are not immune to this problem since the radiator fan wiring on these
> >>cars isn't fused either.  The fix is really simple and is documented in
> >>the archives:
> >>
> >Luis:
> >
> >I might just add that some sort of light bridged across the fuse would also
> >be prudent.  If this fuse blows (presumably because the fan has frozen) you
> >would not know about it until the engine is overheating.  In traffic
> >obviously the temp gauge will skyrocket but the fan is also supposed to
> >cool things even after the engine is shut off.
> It is?? Now I _am_ confused. I have been told previously by other listers
> that my 84 4kq is acting _normally_ when the cooling fan turns off with
> the key. Is it supposed to run after shutoff?? Recently had a new fan
> installed and my mechanic says everything works like it should. Anybody
> have the definitive word?
> clarkl