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Re: Report--Call to RPI Re: Wilwood brakes

"Gary G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com> wote:
> * He has the VW kits in stock ready for sale, and claims that he "could
> have a kit assembled for an Audi in 2-3 days."
> * The Audi kit (that he and I discussed) was prototyped on Coupe GT.

Does that mean it doesn't require a conversion to '87.5+ rear disc brakes?
That would make a big difference, consider parts for that conversion can 
cost up to $400.
> He also volunteered a "more than adequate" discount on these kits if
> there were ~10 people interested in purchasing them.  If there is
> anybody _seriously_ interested in this kit, please let me know and I
> will take the responsibility to call Andy back and pin him down to
> precise numbers.

I'm definitely interested if I can put the stuff on my drum brake rear 
> As an afterthought, I asked him if they would be willing to sell the
> mounting brackets for the calipers separately.  (I was thinking about
> assembling my own kit, using sources I already get discounts at.)  His
> response was that they had done so in the past, but he wasn't sure if
> that was going to continue to be the case.  

Interested here too.