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Re: Report--Call to RPI Re: Wilwood brakes

"Gary G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com> wrote:
> This conversion is for the front axle only.  The rear brakes are left as
> is.

> > I'm definitely interested if I can put the stuff on my drum brake rear
> > axle.
> Since it doesn't affect the rear in any way, I will put you down as
> interested party number two.  (I'm number one in this list.  Only eight
> more people to go!)

Well actually, for $800 for just the fronts I can wait or live w/o them.  
I'm patient to source some G60 calipers and such.  This would likely be 
for my 4kstq project before my Coupe.  I was looking to convert the rears 
to disc, mostly for appearance purposes.  They seem to work fine, as you 
> I will post to the list if I ever get a response on this issue.  Not to
> take any business away from RPI if they are going to start supporting
> the Audi market, but I think I could probably source all of the parts
> (except the brackets which are a custom item) for less than what RPI
> wants.  But, if they're aren't willing to sell the brackets, I have no
> problems buying through them.

How much are we talkin'?  What development stage are Todd's bracket in?