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Rick, I ordered an A4 Avant on Feb 21, dealer said should be here in 6-10
On April 23, checked with them, they said factory is getting ready to build
the sucker, so will prob. be another 4-6 weeks before it arrives.  I hope to
my Coupe up for sale when A4 is in country; would hopefully like to sell
it before get A4 (minimize piggy bank damage).

I (and my Coupe) live in the Pittsburgh (PA) area; for info, it is pearl/black
128,000 miles; excellent shape.  Just had clutch replaced, center driveshaft 
bearing/mount replaced, some differential mounts fixed, front strut mounts 
replaced, compression test (160-175 psi), leakdown test (7-8%), shifter
No problems with it exc. shocks a little soft (didn't have KONIs avail. for it
when I replaced them; actually checked with KONI to confirm).  Have Euro
headlites (OE candles in garage) , PIAA fogs, extra wheels (Centra) w/ Nokia
 snows, shop manual,  elec. troubleshooting manual, parts manual.

I'll be posting it on site when A4 delivery is pending.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

In a message dated 98-04-29 15:43:11 EDT, you write:

    Noticed in your running report that your 90cq will before sale in
 May...is that so and were is the car and your self at?
 Rick Glesner
 Littleton, Colorado