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 -=> Quoting Doubldz <=-

 Do> had been done. Since my car had only 31K miles it was quite apparent
 Do> that something was amiss. A quick check of the VIN numbers proved that
 Do> this was not the maintenance record for my car. Long story short, the
 Do> dealer said he had the right book, promised to mail it, etc.etc. Guess
 Do> what, I still don't have it and the dealer didn't return my call today.
 Do> Any thoughts on my recourse, if any, would be appreciated.

     If your book has disappeared....
     Everything that was ever done to your car at an Audi dealership
     is in their computer.  You have to ask for the readout
     for your particular car, all any dealer requires to do this
     is the VIN number.  The printout is in ultra secret cryptic
     code that not even the employees of the dealership can
     decipher, BUT, there was a post or two to the Audi list
     that can probably be found in the archives that gives the
     meanings of these codes.  


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