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Re: questions...longish

Hairy green toads from Mars made DOUBLDz say:

> About a month ago I purchased an 95 A6q in pearl. Let me just say, its a thing
> of beauty. I'm afraid to admit that that was probably the biggest selling
> feature for me, (aside from reputation) its a drop-dead gorgeous car. I think
> my favorite view is head on. Since thats a view I don't get to see very often,
> I've taken to backing into parking spaces just so I can walk up to the front
> of it and have my moment to admire it. 

Congrats, this is about the same time I bought mine (wish it were Pearl
instead of Black).  As for parking backwards so you can look at it as
you approach, I thought *WE* liked our Audis!

> I don't plan to actually work on the car myself  but I would like to be a
> knowledgeable owner so I can keep it running in top form, albeit with the help
> of a trustworthy mechanic. Of course, the car has the remaining warranty still
> which amounts to over 40K more miles or 2 years. That in itself presents a
> problem. Ever since signing on the dotted line, I am less than impressed with
> my treatment at the dealership.

Sounds typical of a lot of dealers.

Escalate immediately to the sales manager and/or owner of the dealership.
If that doesn't work, call your Audi Rep. There is no excuse for being
ignored once you've plunked down your $20-somethingK.

> A quick
> check of the VIN numbers proved that this was not the maintenance record for
> my car. Long story short, the dealer said he had the right book, promised to
> mail it, etc.etc. Guess what, I still don't have it and the dealer didn't
> return my call today. Any thoughts on my recourse, if any, would be
> appreciated.

See above. Escalate this, and if things don't get any better, talk
to your state Attorney General Consumer Complaint office. Sounds like
they are trying to pull one over on you.

Given the VIN, any dealer can pull up the complete service record.
Try another dealer....

> The other thing I am wondering about is gas mileage. Admittedly, I didn't give
> this a whole lot of thought while I was being a love-sick lass lusting after
> this car, but now that I have to feed it, I'm noticing that I only get around
> 14 miles to the gallon. Is that normal?

I get about 21-22 country driving my A6QW. And I drive it HARD.
14 is not right.


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