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Best views...

Well, my 91 200q is one mean looking machine.....just bone stock with the
15" BBS wheels (I love them!), pearl paint, and light tinted windows. What
is so cool about a 91 200q is the flares on the fenders, too bad they
didn't do that on more 100/200's, it looks soooooo goooood.....

>From across the street, when the car is really clean, a side view as seen
from a front or rear offset is awesome! Especially when it's parked under
parking lot lights at night and the color changes from pearl to a
silver.....very cool. I look at S4's and S6's, and it just doesn't do it
for me like a 91 200q. Even the inside doesn't do it for me. I'm just happy
I own what I do.....got to be the best value on the market (However, the V8
front end is awesome!)


Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com