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Homemade A/C Lines

 Have you done many of these? I have a 83 UrQ that I am pulling the
Cylinder head on this weekend. Last year I replaced all the "O" rings and
replaced the R12 (Ouch!).
 Do you replace the driers and all? It's time for me to switch too. Haven't
tried it this year yet but I gotta feeling!
 Any Advice would be appreciated.
 BTW, Is the old York stylr compressor up to the task?
  Ron Husak

Message text written by INTERNET:quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>We have done a number of "dirty" conversions using R134a and ester oil to
replace R12. Typically we have not changed hoses but when necessary we have
successfully had hoses fabricated locally. I would recommend finding an
automotive A/C supply company as opposed to a general automotive place. We
use A.I.R. here in Ft. Worth, TX (no affiliation, only a customer). If the
problem is in the hose, they can usually reuse your fittings. The price is
really cheap compared to OEM hoses and almost no one in the business uses
OEM hoses.

Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT 113,000 mi