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Re: urq in autotrader

    Yes, Mike, I have seen this car.

    I'd advise to stay away from it, unless he were to come down to about
$4,000.  He started off asking $7500....well over a year ago!  Now he's down
to $5500.  Ed and I checked it out.  Upon first glance it looked very sound,
but after we got close and looked around closely at it, we could tell there
was some bondo in it, and it looked like it had been hit from the rear,
although rather lightly.

    But, that is not what made me nervious about the car.  What made me nervous
was the fact that the owner was really "playing dumb".  According to him, he
bought the car about 4 years ago up in New York and he knows NOTHING about
the car before that time (according to him).  And, it didn't seem like he'd
done much work on it since he'd owned it either.

    Yes, Ed, I did drive it, but the car didn't have plates, so I was not
allowed to leave the subdivision in it!  So, I can tell you it ran fine up to
35-40 mph, that's about all I can say.  The car has also been just SITTING for
the last year or so, and the owner doesn't drive it except to the country club
down the street.  As we all know, it is far better to drive these cars than
let them sit.  I'd pass on this one unless you could work a really good price!

    Would love to actually drive a ur-q at above 40 mph someday.  I'm sure they
are fun.