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Dee's Post

Hi Dee,

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart joins the others in bidding you welcome to the
group, and my compliments on your impeccable taste (which is no doubt
matched by stunning good looks and matchless perspicuity, all of which , as
you have doubtless already observed, being qualities required for
admittance to this select group of Audiholoics).

And despite the obvious fact that some of us are heavily medicated at the
moment, no one could argue with your choice of the finest color for an
audi, the Pearlescent White that, thought the merest of coincidence, adorns
my own '91 V8Q 5-speed manual.  Even my Frau, the Faire Dora, agrees;
athough she still loves the Lago Blue version, like Scott Mockry's (there,
I spelled it right without even being coached!) beautiful 200.

And who could fail to be charmed by the blazing red of Igor's beautiful
200, which I recall looking so smashing alongside a 911 cabrio of similar

But I digress  (OK, I'm old and my mind wanders, so make a federal case out
of it...).  What part of the country do you live in?  I ask because it is
important to have an independent wrench (especially so for an independent
wench, but there I go again...) and there's a lot of folks scattered around
the country (OK, world) here, probably someone can steer you in the right
direction if they know at least the city in which you live.

Well, anyway, welcome aboard and good luck!