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Re: Dead V8Q

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
To: mlarosa@v8q.East.Sun.COM <mlarosa@v8q.East.Sun.COM>
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 11:02 AM
Subject: Dead V8Q

>In message <libSDtMail.199804300905.595.mlarosa@v8q> Mike Larosa writes:
>> You may want to try pulling the trunk light bulb....
>I'll try anything ...
>Nope.  Trunk light bulb blown anyway - replaced and still not working.
>Stripped and cleaned switch (what a crappy component to fit to a car
>like this) and got light working.  Discharge rate doubled.
> Phil Payne
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    If the discharge rate doubled, maybe there is another bulb on somewhere.
Glove box? Under-hood light? Footwell or interior light?

Fred Munro