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RE: Dead V8Q

> Try pulling the leads off the starter, alternator, ignition switch, rad
> fan?
> Is the radio direct wired or connected to the ignition switch?
>     Perhaps you can disconnect the main power feeds until you find the one
> supplying the drain. It obviously must be unfused or on the hot side of
> the
> fuse panel.
... unfortunately the newer cars are much more complicated in the loads that
can be left in place when the car is shut down.  I didn't post on this
before as I'm not really familar with the v8q, but remember that there are
all sorts of other circuits that can be energized when the car is shut off.
Look through the wiring diagrams for "convenience" features that are
supposed to remain energized for some period after the car is shut down.
One thing that can happen on a 5k is that if the driver's door switch is not
working properly, the circuit that allows you to run the windows and sunroof
can remain energized.  It is supposed to disengage when it sees one of the
front doors opened, but if the switch isn't giving a good connection the
relay remains active.  I suppose this particular circuit should be fused, so
if Phil did pull all the fuses it should eliminate this as a source.
Perhaps you'll need to pull the "relays" one by one to see if one of them is
draining the battery as well.  

Good luck!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)