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quattro-digest V4 #2151

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I have an 88 100CD (5000) with a low oil pressure warning light that
keeps coming on. There is nothing wrong with the engine, no oil leaks,
no oil consumption (only done 90,000 miles). The oil pressure senders
have been replaced. Oil and filter change has been done. Anybody got
any ideas on:

1. What the spurios low oil pressure signal is (only comes on at 3000
2. If no anwers to 1, how to disconnect the engine warning system.


Bill Hunter.


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:56:07 -0000<

Check if you are using OEM oil filter. Had the exact problem on my 88
5000s. Correct filter fixed it.


88 5KSW 5Spd