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Re: Dead V8Q

   > The currunt through a single 5w illumination bulb is about 400ma. This
   > current value hints that you should look for a bulb that stays on after
   > you park the car overnight.

   The car pulls 410mA with _all_ the fuses pulled and the bulbs pulled
   out of the boot and bonnet lights.  The glovebox light is switched
   through the main light switch.  The damn thing is sitting in the pitch
   dark with boot, bonnet and glovebox open and it's _still_ drawing

Aren't German Electrics fun!

Anyways, I can't think of many more particular gizmos to check than has
already been suggested (is the radio TRULY off?)... so what *I* would
do (rather than starting snipping All THe DA...oops) would be to get a
nice hall-effect current measuring instrument that can just "clamp"
around wires so that you can *easily* see if any one wire (or even a
group of wires/harness/subharness/etc.) is carrying a current (just
make sure that there are no "return" lines in the same bundle, as
that will cancel out the load current!). This should allow you to quite
readily identify at least the (a, some) culprit wire; identifying the
circuit/load/gizmo involved from there is left as an exercise for the
reader . . .

Good Luck!