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Coupe GT, Dead fuel pump?, plugged filter? Any BTDTs?

Patient:  '87.5 Coupe GT 2.3l.

Symptoms:  Fuel pump runs, but no fuel actually making it to the fuel
distributor.  I disconnected the supply and return lines near the fuel
distributor.  Jumped fuel pump relay, heard it run, no flow. (Full tank of
gas..) Unfortunately, I didn't have a 19mm wrench with me, so I couldn't
disconnect the line at the pump to check the main fuel filter.  My plan is to
open the line at the inlet to the main fuel filter to see if it is plugged,
then to check the pre-filter (behind gas tank?).  Do fuel pumps ever fail, but
continue to run? BTW, there was no warning.  The car simply failed to start.  

Any BTDTs?   


Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q (In many, many pieces...)
'87.5 Coupe GT  (sick)
'79 Triumph Spitfire (good ol' reliable transportation)