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Re: s3 details, rs2 mods

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Dave Eaton wrote:

> autocar leads their recent edition with information about the new s3, including
> photos taken during high-speed testing (at the nurburgring).  looks quite nice,
> with an rs2-like rear bumper and a mini-rs2 front.  17" wheels, inside wider
> wheel arches, with a lower ride height, provide a reasonably aggressive look. 
> revised spring/dampers and roll bars are also specified.
> the article suggests that the awd system will be based on a modified vw synchro
> system, but it's clear that they don't really know any details.  the suggestion
> is also the 1.8t will be used @210hp (as in the tt).  the awd system will also
> be used on the tt (due in september), so clearly we're talking about an
> audi-engineered system for it's tranverse engined cars, rather than a 1-off for
> the s3.
> the article says that the s3 promises to be "delta integrale" quick, and the
> fastest car in its class.
> whenever i start thinking about awd, tranverse turbo engines, and hatchback
> size, i can't help but think about group 'a' or world rally cars...

Alright, I was going to see if I could turn my CQ into a quasi-S2 or even
import an S2 (to the US), but if this car comes to the US...  

All I gotta say is "Where do I sign?".  

I can't wait.  

This is kind of car I have never, ever seen in the US, whereas they are
relatively common in Europe (Integrale, Short Urq, Ford CS2, Renault &
Peugot GroupA street cars).  Growing up, I always want one of these cars,
esp. the more stealthy ones like the Integrale.  Now that I could finally
afford such a car, I live in the US, where these cars (or even kind of
cars) are totally unknown.  Bummer.  The Urq is the closest. but... 

I really, REALLY hope Audi brings this car to the US.  They've got at
least one customer.  I know at least two more people not on this list who
would buy such a car, perhaps more.

'90 CQ