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Re: s3 details, rs2 mods

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Dave Eaton wrote:

> [snip s3 stuff]
> >
> >Growing up, I always want one of these cars,
> >esp. the more stealthy ones like the Integrale. 
> mmmm, not imho, the integrale is about as stealthy as a drag queen at a
> debutants ball... ;-)

They made a version in europe that was called the Delta Intergrale.  Same
engine as the rear engined rally car, but up front.  Four doors,
gourgeous.  When I was living in Amsterdam, there was one always parked
around the corner from me. Royal Metallic Blue, beige leather interior,
sweet.  For those of you who've never seen one, it's about the same
size/shape as an UrQ, but four doors, if you can imagine.  They made a
group a version with the engine in the rear and only two doors.

I think it's discreet.  It does not look like anything unless you know.

'90 CQ