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Re: Galvanized bodies....

Michael Grundmann writes:
> My family has an '86 5ks which I know has a galvanized body, my question is
> what other Audis have that?  It works wonders preventing rust, and I was
> considering buying myself a similar era 4kcsq and would like that.

Audi started galvanizing for the 1986 model year on the 5000 series,
and 1988 on the 80/90.  The 4000 series and pre-88 coupes are NOT
galvanized, AFAIK.  That said, the standard paintwork on the non-galv
Audis before 88 is still excellent and very rust resistant, so long
as paint damage that may expose bare metal is attended to.

> as a side note, would I be looking at a lot of expensive (ex. hydraulic
> brake booster/ similar things) repairs?  I do most of my own work....

The hydraulic stuff is not used on the 4K series.

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