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mercedes groups

In message <3548EFC7.DC3DBAA3@arias.net> BCPI writes:

> oh, I am not slow.  there are a few of us out here that are well under 60 and
> drive Benzes.  Mine just happens to be a classic.  'nother reason it is hard
> to find benz groups is becuase unlike audis, most mercedes benzes used or not
> require a crooked polititions salery to buy.  and those who have the money
> aren't interested in doing show and tell sessions about the cars mechanics
> with others.  that is after all why the benz mechaninc drives a ferrari!

Different mindset, too.  There's an enthusiast owner of a 280SLC in the
village - he's _fanatical_ about the bodywork but the engine looks like
no one has laid a finger on it since WWII.  It's a beautiful image until
he lifts the bonnet - caked oil and dirt everywhere.

OTOH - you can touch anything in my engine bay without getting your
hands dirty.

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