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RE: Wilwoods Vs G60s for 4KQ

Here is the relevant data directly from Hawk's website:   www.hawkbrake.com/auto/page3.htm

Audi 200 series-Ate Front 89-91               HB135.700
Audi 200 Turbo Quattro-Ate Front 90-91   HB135.700
Audi 4000CS Quattro 86-87                      HB190.600
Audi 4000CS Quattro 84-85                      HB190.600

So, what Linus is saying is that the pads for the Ate calipers fitted to the 200s are different from the pads required for the Girling G60s and if the HB135.700 does not fit the G60, then perhaps there is no Hawk fitment for the G60 application?


WHOA...hold on there...

>I can't give any data (at least, not from my desk at work) about the
>surface area of the friction material, but I can give the pad dimensions
>for the three pads:  (Please remember that these measurements are 
>of the _backing_plates_ at their longest and tallest points)
>4KQ:	4.69"L x 2.73"H	-- (Hawk #HB190)
>G60:	6.15"L x 2.50"H	-- (Hawk #HB135)
>Wilwood:3.96"L x 2.58"H	-- (Hawk #HB100)

took a look...HB135 is NOT the correct pad for the G60.  In fact, the G60
pad has a very similar look to (but is not) the standard 4kq pad (HB190).
HB135 is (I believe) for the single-piston floating caliper (Ate?) used on
some 5kcstq if the G60 was not fitted.  BTW, that pad, HB135 is also used
on a lot of BMWs, including the E36 M3 and many '90s era 5 & 7-series cars.
 wonder what they know about braking? ;)  ok--better question:  why do
those brakes work so differently on the BMW?

>Anyone care to pontificate about the relative merits of the G60s Vs the 
>Dynalink II setups for 4KQ road race applications?

just keep in mind that if you are using the Wilwood caliper, it (like AP
and standard Brembo) does not have dust seals for the pistons--plan on
rebuilding these things YEARLY or more frequently if you get them good &
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