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Re: Subject: Dead V8Q - an anomaly

In message <a1620b12.3549d520@aol.com> C1J1Miller writes:

> Phil:  You didn't state which year v8.  For model year '91 on, there is a
> "convenience" feature whereby you can close all windows and sunroof by holding
> the key in the lock position.  That would explain your massive power drain
> while using the key.  As I understand the windows/sunroof, they will attempt
> to close when powered up until xxx amount of torque (current drain?)  is
> applied, then shut off.

It's a 1990 - PT (3.6) engine.

> Also seems to point to a possible break in the wiring in the door; cracked
> insulation etc. in the rubber bellows at the hinge point.
> The alarm can be troubleshot by using a VAG tool.  Procedure outlined in the
> Bentley for the 100/200; should be the same alarm for v8.  Has he recently
> replaced a broken key cylinder in either front door (replacing the cheap pot
> metal with an improved stamped steel design)?  He may have the indexing of the
> alarm switch out of alignment with the lock cylinder.  Also, the alarm pretty
> much just tracks the pin switches in the doors, trunk, and hood.  If one of
> them is bad (you said trunk?) that could mess up the alarm.  I believe it
> activates 30 seconds after arming...

It isn't the stock alarm.  Audi's alarm doesn't meet the Thatcham 1
level required by some UK insurers.  Roger had it fitted by a specialist
(q.v.) and I suspect something odd was done at that point.

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