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RE: Delren bushings no creak - NO

The control arm were installed last night but the rest of the coil-over conversion is not yet complete so I have not yet driven the car with the Delren bushings. They were $200 for 4x from 2Bennett. I am doing only the front. Based on what I observed during the install, by moving the control arms up and down by hand, I believe the creaking comes from the bushing/subframe interface (the Delren bushings did creak when dry). I put some supplied 'special lubricant' on there and reassembled and the creaking was gone. As has been suggested on the list I would NOT recommend non-stock bushings for street use, I would and do use the stock bushings on the street, there is just not that much to gain on the street and under 9/10ths driving with street tires, IMFO. Simply renewing the stock bushings may give you the 'tightened' steering you seek and acceptable NVH for street use.


    I will be replacing all my bushings in front when I do my Turbo
Conversion.  I am using Stock Sub-Frame Bushings for sure but I would
like to tighten up my steering.  How do you like your stiffer bushings
besides creaking.  Did they perform better, I am assuming so since you
paid the BIG $$$$ for delrin bushings.  Please let me know how these
work and perform compared to stock and Poly-Eurethane.

Todd Phenneger
84' 4kq