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Re: Removing Strut in 4kq

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
> Hey all, i as just wondering how i would go about removing the strut 
> assembly from the car.  At least just the top nut.  I dont have any of 
> the special tools, so if you guys can give me some sort of MacGuyver way, 
> i would appreciate it.  Thanks.

I have the same problem, only there's a very little bit of rust involved.  
The top of the strut is the stupid blade (double-D) style, and not the 
allen-wrench style.  I even jacked up the double-D a little bit trying to 
improvise.  Penetrating oil ain't worth a darn, 'coz of the nylock nut at 
the top not letting it do it's job.

This was to get the struts out of my 4ksq to use in my Coupe until I got 
some new good ones later.  I gave up and bought good ones then, and the 
strut is still in the 4ksq.

The tool was like $50 bucks (you had to buy a little set to get the right 
one) for my application (same cost as a new cheap strut).

For me, I'm gonna wait until I get it running.  Then I'll have someone 
with an impact bust it off (if that'll work).  If that doesn't work, then 
I'll cut the damn shaft off and put a set of SPAX' in.

Good luck,

p.s.  Is it allen-style or double-D?