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new Audi kiddie toy

We made the mandatory trip to the dealer last night to buy a new
headlight switch connector to replace the melted one in my q.  Sunset
Porsche Audi in Beaverton has a huge stock of Audi and Porsche
paraphernalia which we always peruse while waiting for the parts.  Their
latest item is a very cute child's toy.  It looks like a car and has
four rings on the chromed front grill and rear "trunk".  It is designed
for a small child to sit on and push with their feet and comes with
little tiny shoe protectors to protect shoes and carpets from scuffs .
The assembled model was a nice bright orange with red accessories.  It
also comes in blue and both models feature a manual gear shifter.  The
speedometer on the car goes up to 200km/hr.  The service people had it
indicating about 160 km/hr.  The price is $90 and the manufacturer's tag
read TUV.  They offer a 10% q club discount if you provide proof of

In the Porsche display was a similar toy, this one a bright red boxter.

Denise Riley