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RE: Steering & Braking...

Sure. I have experience with the part about dripping fluids. This is an absolutely double-excellent way to get a big roaring under-hood fire going! BTDT with a chebby S10 "Blazer". (no pun intended :)  )


On my '85 5ks I have a badly leaking steering rack.  I have a core from
another car, and am in the process of rebuilding it.  (I would appreciate
any tips or caviats for this procedure) When I run completely out of
steering fluid, not only do I lose my power steering, I lose my power brake
assist too.  The tough steering isn't really a problem, but I really have to
mash the brakes to stop the car, and since every split-second counts in
braking, this is kinda dangerous.  I realize the two systems are
interconnected, but I wonder if there's a way to keep my power brakes
working if I run out of steering fluid.  (the stuff's expensive, and smells
pretty bad when it drips onto my exhaust)  Anyone have some experience
they're willing to share with me on this?  TIA!