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RE: Erebuni Body Kits

Do not buy body kits from Erebuni.  The price is right, and they are
okay stuff quality wise, but you will more than make up for that when
the body man puts it on for you!  I learned the hard way w/my 87 BMW
325.  Looks real nice now ($4000+ later) after body kit install and bare
metal paint job.  But I wouldn't buy another unless I had a tub of Bondo
Fiberglass Repair kit, belt sander, and a couple of weeks with nothing
to do.


'97 A4ta  11.1 psi TAP
'87 325 Gr. Effects, 16" TSW EVOs, Susp. Techniques Springs/Sway Bars,
Bavarian Imports Chip, Ansa Sport Exhaust  150k and still going strong!

The latter of which happens to be available to the first $7400 I spot.