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RE: Delren bushings no creak - NO

Todd Phenneger quoted:

<<quattro <quattro@acacianet.com> wrote:
> They were $200 for 4x from 2Bennett. I am doing only the front. 
> Based on what I observed during the install, by moving the 
> control arms up and down by hand, I believe the creaking comes from the 
> bushing/subframe interface (the Delren bushings did creak when dry).>>

The noise I have it a bit of a snapping kind of noise, like the whole 
control arms are moving very quickly until the bolt hits the side of the 
metal tube in the center of the bushings.  It seems like that's where the 
noise is coming from, but I can only speculate.

I had no noise ever, until very recently.  I've had the bushings in for a 
while.  Two years?  I had these same control arms w/them installed in my 
old Coupe GT.

> As has been suggested on the list I would NOT  recommend non-stock 
> bushings for street use, I would and do use the stock bushings on the 
> street, there is just not that much to gain on the street and under 
> 9/10ths driving with street tires, IMFO. Simply renewing the stock 
> bushings may give you the 'tightened' steering you seek and acceptable 
> NVH for street use.

I'd like to find out how the Delrin one's turn out after driving for a 
while.  I'm quickly approaching the point where I will replace my existing 
bushings with something, I just have to decide between stock and Delrin.  
I'm leaning toward stock, but I've got to overcome my dislike for passing 
up upgrade opportunities when I the excuse of maintenance is available to 

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Glen,
>     I will be replacing all my bushings in front when I do my Turbo
> Conversion.  I am using Stock Sub-Frame Bushings for sure but I would
> like to tighten up my steering.  How do you like your stiffer bushings
> besides creaking.  Did they perform better, I am assuming so since you
> paid the BIG $$$$ for delrin bushings.  Please let me know how these work
> and perform compared to stock and Poly-Eurethane.

I just wanted to mention that $200 is about right for both front and 
rears.  I paid $90 for a set of urethane's for the front.