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Re: Autoweek on quattro

At 16:23 98.05.01. -0400, you wrote:
>Are these remarks about the quattro system's "less-snappy acceleration and
>a rougher ride" on dry pavement correct? I'm about to order my first Audi
>and would like to avoid a mistake.

You won't make a mistake ordering a Quattro! Less snappy acceleration?? Are
they joking? My father bought a 91' 100 2.8 quattro last month. It was also
the first quattro in our family, and I'm really impresed, how it drives.
Acceleration is far better, than I expected from such a big and heavy car -
8.0 seconds to 100km/h (60 miles/h). By the way, it's the same for front
wheel drive model, but with quattro no wheel can slip, so it will
accelerate in these 8 seconds, but with only 2 wheel drive under not so
conditions (liitle wet, or too much dust, wet leaves... whatever) you won't
get those 8 seconds!
We've got very few rainy day's since we got Quattro, so all the time is
dry, and on dry pavement it is as good, even better, than any 2wd. I'm now
waiting for winter, to see what Quattro can do in snow, but now I tried it
in deep 
sand / gravel / dry/wet pavement and it was great in all conditions.

P.S. Only now I can't drive it, because it's resting in the service waiting
for a new header:(( It ate too much coolant, and the problem was in one of
the engine heads... costing ~1500$ including work:((