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Re: 1988 Quattro New Subscriber

Dear  "USER.NOT.SPECIFIED@gte.net"

Yes, get the Bentley. The best value for your dollar of any you will ever
spend on your car. It will help you answer all the questions on your list.
And use the archives of the Q-list for the rest.I have answered some of
your questions in the following context...see below.

Also suggest you include your address in future postings, to facilitate
private mailings.

86 4kcsq
87 5kcstq
Bentley's for both.

At 02:23 PM 5/1/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I am the new owner of a 1988 5000S Quattro; a new subscriber to this list;
>and, a relatively recent Internet researcher.  The car is in good shape
>with ~ 90K miles (the odometer has been replaced).  This list is a real
>help and service to people like me.  
>1.  Any recommendations for a mechanic or dealer in the Boston area?  How
>about the New York City area? 
>2.  Any peculiar preventative maintenance tips for this car?  What about
>the timing belt?  Is this engine a non-interference type?  That is, when
>the belt fails, do the valves come into contact with the pistons?  I do not
>know the car's previous maintenance history. 

.................Consider changing it as soon as you find a mechanic. Swap
the water pump and idler pulley at the same time. 
>3.  Is the factory service manual (Bentley?) worth the money (~ $94 from
>amazon.com)?  I am a more than competent "shade tree" mechanic.

>4.  The horn will not sound and the turn signals will not cancel unless the
>steering wheel is pushed in.  I assume this is not a defect, but is a
>feature.  How can I get the steering wheel to stay in the pushed in
.......................I don't think it is suppose to work that
way.Possibly dangerous.Get to the mechanic, maybe by bus?.

>5.  What does "UFO", "Urq", and "BTDT" mean?   later. 

>6.  Any recommendations on other Internet web sites to visit?


>7.  The car seems sensitive to cross winds at highway speeds.  Is this

.................mine isn't.

>8.  I usually get a noise from the engine at start up that sounds like a
>noisy lifter.  Not always, but usually, especially if the weather is cold. 
>Is this the noise I am hearing?  Are the lifters hydraulic?  Is this
>typical?  Is it a matter for concern?  If so, is it easily fixable?

................ normal.Yes, hydraulic. Use an original equipment oil
filter to get the proper oil pressure. They have a pressure retaining valve
>9.  How do you set the stations on the radio?  The radio appears to be OEM.

.......don't know.Never use them.

>10.  The radio display for the station setting is very dim.  Is this
>normal?  If not, is it easily fixable?

......same answer.
>11.  The air conditioner does not work.  I realize that a fix cannot be
>diagnosed without seeing the car and testing, but does any one have any
>advice on this system?  Is it straightforward, or are there any Audi
>specific anomalies?

...................I think I saw this on Al Powell's website, or write him
a private message.

>12.  The "Check Brakes" light and bell goes on sometimes after driving a
>bit and using the brakes.  The brakes seem to work fine.  The car has the
>ABS option.  It appears this warning is triggered by low fluid in the power
>steering/power brake system reservoir?  I slightly overfilled this
>reservoir to cut down on the warnings.  The manual states to check the
>fluid level when the engine is running.  I did.  When the engine is
>running, the level dips below the "Min" mark.  When the engine is not
>running, the level exceeds the "Max" mark.  (Which is why I only slightly
>overfilled it.  I did not want it spilling out when I shut the engine
>down.)  I realize that this condition is probably a problem and needs to be
>fixed.  Any advice?  Where does the fluid go when the engine is running? 
>If it comes back when the engine is shut off, I assume there is not a leak
>in the system.  But where fluid cannot compress, where is it going to come
>back from?  Finally, is this dangerous?

............(copied from my files on this subject. Al Powell is writing to

Frank, YES, you have it right.  When 'the bomb' gets bad, it doesn't
hold pressure correctly.  There's a pressure switch screwed into the
brake MC which senses pressure in the hydraulic system.  When it
falls too low, that switch triggers and turns on your BRAKE light,
same as when the parking brake is on.

Remember, the hydraulics provide the brake assist, so this is not a
brake fluid warning, but a hydraulic system pressure warning.

This usually begins by flashing the light when you tap the brakes
more than once - causing the pressure to lower momentarily - and then
the light goes out as pressure builds again.  As the bomb weakens, it
takes fewer taps for the light.  You will also note that it takes a
while in the AM for the light to go off, as it takes longer to build
up pressure.

The bomb can be had for most Audis at $250 or so.  Do NOT put a used
one on - these are perishable and it's a false economy.

The procedure for replacement is in the FAQ links on my Audi page,
which can be found from my home page below - look for Car Hobby

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>Thanks for all your anticipated he